AARG has mastered the complex chemical reactions as well as the technical specifications required to produce a reliable, quality product.

Our in-house engineering staff will work closely with you to define your ballistic and life cycle requirements, then strike the perfect balance of size, performance and cost to fit your application.


Partnering with you, AARG combines our experience and expertise with your needs, environment, and budget to design smart, effective armor solutions.


Informed by your ballistic and life cycle requirements, our in-house engineering staff strikes the perfect balance of size, performance, and cost to fit your application.


Our cermet products must earn the name SHIELD. So we produce accurate prototypes and punish them in rigorous, realistic field tests.


In repeated ballistic tests, SHIELD by AARG demonstrated significant multi-hit capability per STANAG standards. It also withstood the heat, vibration, corrosion, and tensile stresses of daily duty, as demonstrated in rigorous life cycle testing.


Mastering the material and the process culminates in reliable, repeatable, and efficient production of near net shape armored components.


Robust production capacity also means shorter cycle times, so SHIELD by AARG is out in the field protecting assets and lives without delay!

What are YOUR armor challenges?

What are your requirements?

AARG can help.

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