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The Advanced Armor Research Group is a privately-held American company that provides optimized engineered armor solutions for military vehicles and a range of other platforms and applications requiring reduced weight solutions.


AARG’s technology is rigorously life-cycle tested, so it counters ballistic threats and withstands the twists and turns, vibration and corrosion of daily duty.

Wherever Protection is Needed

For military vehicles - land, sea or air - Tactical, or Law Enforcement, AARG Shield can be engineered to your precise threat level and budget.

Engineering Teamwork

Our in-house technical team knows the material technology and the manufacturing process. We work with you to strike the balance between price, weight, and performance that your application requires.

Multi-hit Capability

Superior Damage Tolerance

From small arms to heavy machine guns to artillery and beyond, SHIELD by AARG is the engineered armor solution that demonstrates superior multi-hit capability and damage tolerance. See for yourself how AARG stands up to punishing STANAG Level 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 threats.


AARG protection is ideal for rough and ready land vehicles that take an everyday beating from ballistic threats and the elements.


For sea going and amphibious vehicles, AARG Shield not only offers ballistic protection, but is also highly corrosion resistant.


AARG Shield offers a high-performance, lightweight solution to protect rotor and fixed-wing aircraft from small arms fire.

AARG Protects Everywhere!

Superior performance, lower weight, improved Life Cycle Costs…

What are YOUR armor challenges?

What are your requirements?

AARG can help.

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