About AARG


We are a small, nimble US manufacturer with the processes, resources, and the understanding to deliver a state-of-the-art armor with superior multi-hit capability, weight, and damage tolerance.

Material Mastery

AARG stands alone in our understanding of cermet and in our ability to provide consistent, reliable results on demand. Our in-house technical staff has mastered the material technology and manufacturing process. We are applying recent technology and process advances that enable lighter more durable solutions. We work with you to understand your application and needs to consistently deliver tailored armor solutions.

Adaptable Armor Solutions for Specific Applications


We are dedicated to working with your team to satisfy your armor application requirements. We have the flexibility and skill to navigate the Armor Triangle in search of the perfect combination of price, weight, and performance. In this way, we tailor a precise solution for you.

Proud Member of the NAMC

America’s One-stop Shop for Military Vehicle R&D

AARG is a member of the National Advanced Mobility Consortium (NAMC), America’s premier entity for the research and development of manned and unmanned military ground vehicles. Our membership gives us access to NAMC’s Ground Vehicle System Other Transactions Agreement (OTA), W15QKN-17-9-1025. Federal agencies use OTAs to obtain or advance research and for R&D prototypes. OTAs allow the Government to pursue projects through a “one-stop-shop” of advanced technology partners through NAMC. The U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) manages the OTA through its Acquisition Management Office. Projects are under contract for an average of 120 days or less from the time an approved Statement of Work is provided to the Agreements Officer. For more information on the NAMC OTA: https://www.namconsortium.org/

AARG and you...

...working together, we will find efficient, effective solutions for hardening assets and protecting lives.

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