AARG Capabilities

Process of Perfection

AARGs ability to reliably produce near net shape cermet components begins with a thorough understanding of the science.

We produce SHIELD by AARG material via an exothermic reaction that is self-propagating and self-sustaining. In terms of speed and temperature, it can be a volatile process.

For decades, manufacturers have attempted to contain this reaction, often with little success...


...Until Today! 

AARG’s mastery of cermet materials and the manufacturing process is the foundation of our growth and success. Working with you, we apply our knowledge and experience to your needs and budget to produce predictable, reliable and repeatable results.

Rapid Production, Tailored to Fit

A small, nimble supplier, AARG employs rapid cycles of design and manufacture. Then we test, modify where necessary, and try again. The end result is a component designed to your specs, thoroughly validated, integrated into your application, and tailored to your environment.

If you are merely looking to up-armor, you have many choices.

But if you’re looking for a true engineered armor solutions partner, turn to AARG.

Understanding the material and mastering the process

– in a repeatable and cost-effective way –

is the AARG difference.

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